Vlad Vizireanu, conductor: “The challenge we face with contemporary music is that no one is raised on atonality. We experience only tonal music from our earliest lullabies”

Romanin-born Vlad Vizireanu will conduct the Royal Camerata Orchestra at the Enescu Festival 2017 with a complete contemporary music programme in the XXI Century Music Series. Vlad Vizireanu talks about the challenges the musicians and public face when it comes down to contemporary music, as well as about  what it means to be a successful artist internationally.

Enescu Festival unveils its new website, which allows quicker access to the programme and list of available tickets

Classical music lovers can now browse more easily through the programme on the George Enescu Festival website, so as to choose the events they want to attend or to see which tickets are available.

Alexandra Dariescu – Lace harmonies

Alexandra Dariescu, the ravishing musician who became, in 2013, the first Romanian pianist to perform on the stage of the prestigious Royal Albert Hall along with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London, will delight for the third time the audience of the George Enescu International Festival in its 2017 edition.

George Enescu and the light in sonorous paintings

George Enescu was not a ray of light just for his family; from what his cousin, Alexandru Cosmovici wrote in “George Enescu in the world of music and in the family”, we know the musician was born three years after the death of his five siblings, due to the diphtheritic angina in the winter of… Read more »

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Festival History

The Enescu Festival officially opened on September 4 in 1958, three years after George Enescu passed away thus marking the debut of the most important international musical event hosted by Romania.

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Six days of debates on themes of musical actuality in a unique event organized in premiere: International Composer’s Forum. The Forum aims to open new perspectives on contemporary music.

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A genius. A free man. A genuine modern spirit, not only for fashion’s sake. A man of his word. A character. George Enescu is the first Romanian composer who crossed the threshold into the universal cultural heritage.


Event organized under the High Patronage of the President of Romania

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