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Individual tickets to the Enescu Festival 2017 will go on sale on www.eventim.ro and in the Eventim network on Thursday, February 16, 2017, starting 10.00 a.m. (GMT+2).

The tickets will be available online, on the www.eventim.ro website, at the Eventim offices and in the entire network of Eventim partner stores.

Important: The old Eventim customer service office in 15 Polona Street has moved! The current office is located at: 6 I.C. Brătianu Blvd. (Universitate Subway Station – History Museum entrance towards Unirii Square). The office is inside the premises of Cinema Pro. Thus, we kindly ask those who traditionally bought tickets from the old office to go to the new Eventim seat close to Universitate.

For an easier process when buying tickets to the George Enescu Festival, 2017 edition, we recommend you to read carefully the following guide:


  1. Read about the concerts and types of tickets in detail and decide beforehand what you wish to purchase.


  1. Create a user account on the Eventim website www.eventim.ro, before the day the tickets go on sale.


  1. One the same day, before the tickets go on sale, check if your browser can open a hall plan on the Eventim website. However, in order to save more time and increase your chances to buy tickets, we recommend you choose “Optimal seat selection”, so as not to protract the buying process by opening the hall plan in real time. The system will automatically allocate the best seats available at the moment in the price category you have chosen.


  1. Study the payment and delivery methods available and decide beforehand what option you want. For transfer payments, check with your bank if the card is activated for online payments, if it has a ceiling for such payments, etc.


  1. A few minutes before the tickets go on sale, using the account you have already created, log in on the Eventim website, so that you can go directly to placing the order when tickets become available.


  1. So that all buyers may have equal chances to buy tickets, a maximum number of 4 tickets of the same type will be available to purchase by the same user.


  1. As it happened in 2013 and 2015 when tickets went on sale, we estimate they will sell out in a record time. Eventim recommends buyers to choose the option of purchasing tickets online, on the www.eventim.ro website, as it is the quickest and most flexible buying method. Under such heavy traffic conditions, the buying process means fractions of a second. Thus, for those who wish to buy tickets at the Eventim office, chances to find tickets are low compared to users choosing to buy online, as only the first few persons served by the operators may have a chance to find available tickets, and a relative one at that.


  1. For the seating chart, please view the hall plans on the Eventim website:


Individual ticket prices

Series “GREAT ORCHESTRAS” (Grand Palace Hall)

  • 1st category        RON 180 (MSD included)
  • 2nd category        RON 140 (MSD included)
  • 3rd category        RON 110 (MSD included)
  • 4th category       RON 80 (MSD included)


Series “RECITALS AND CHAMBER MUSIC” (Romanian Athenaeum, Auditorium Hall)

For the concerts at the Athenaeum:

  • 1st category         RON 180 (MSD included)
  • 2nd category        RON 140 (MSD included)


For the concerts at the Auditorium Hall:

  • 1st category       RON 50 (MSD included)
  • 2nd category        RON 30 (MSD included)


Series “BY MIDNIGHT” (Romanian Athenaeum)

  • 1st category         RON 180 (MSD included)
  • 2nd category        RON 140 (MSD included)


Series “21ST CENTURY MUSIC” (Mihail Jora Hall – Radio Hall)

  • 1st category         RON 50 (MSD included)
  • 2nd category        RON 30 (MSD included)



Translation provided by Biroul de Traduceri Champollion


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