Extraordinary recital: Valentin Gheorghiu (piano) and Gabriel Croitoru (violin)

Autor: Festivalul Enescu

“George Enescu” National Museum



Free admission


The pianist Valentin Gheorghiu and the violinist Gabriel Croitoru (playing the Guarneri violin that belonged to George Enescu) are giving an extraordinary recital with works by George Enescu.

A “rare talent that should be closely supervised” – such was the recommendation of George Enescu for the pianist Valentin Gheorghiu, when the latter was just nine years old, in a letter to the Ministry of Culture of that time. And throughout his career, Valentin Gheorghiu has confirmed the evaluation of the Maestro. He has established himself as an exceptional pianist and composer and he has collaborated with important figures of music life, along which he has performed in various countries including Austria, France, Germany, the USA, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Spain and Japan. Besides his extraordinary soloist activity, with numerous recitals and concerts, Valentin Gheorghiu also performs chamber music.

He has been the recipient of plenty of awards, received in international piano competitions, and he is part of the juries of competitions such as “P. I. Tchaikovsky”, “Van Cliburn”, “Fr. Chopin”, “A. Rubinstein”, “L. van Beethoven”, “R. Schumann” and “J. S. Bach”. Over the year, Valentin Gheorghiu won the First Mention at the “George Enescu” Awards (1946), the Award of the Romanian Academy (1961), and the Bucharest National University of Music and the “George Enescu” University of Arts of Iaşi have given him the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.

With over 1,000 performances on stage, the violinist Gabriel Croitoru, a soloist of the Radio Orchestras and Choirs, is a musician with a very rich presence in the music life, in the triple position of concert soloist of the “Paul Constantinescu” Philharmonic in Ploiești, member (first violin) of the “Transylvanian” State Quartet of the “Transylvania” Philharmonic of Cluj-Napoca and a PhD professor at the Bucharest National University of Music.

He has performed as a soloist in the company of important orchestras from all over the world, including the London Royal Philharmonic, the Queen Sofía Chamber Orchestra, and the symphonic orchestras of Monte-Carlo, Thessaloniki, Malaga, Seville, Cannes, Lyon.

Since 2008, Gabriel Croitoru has been playing the violin that belonged to our great composer and which is part of the patrimony of the “George Enescu” National Museum, the Guarneri del Gesù violin dated 1731. Since 2011, he has gone on several large-scale national tours entitled “The duel of the violins” (with Liviu Prunaru and Horia Mihail) and “George Enescu’s violin in the villages” (with Horia Mihail).

About the violin used by Gabriel Croitoru, George Enescu said the following:

“Today I have a Guarnerius, which makes sweeter sounds. If I were to make a comparison, I would liken the Stradivarius to a light soprano, and Guarnerius to a dramatic mezzosoprano. (…) This Guarnerius, which perhaps does not have an overwhelming force, has an extraordinary modulation that has the gift of warming me from the inside. My violin utters vibrations that marvellously fit my moods.” (interview published in Rampa, 26 October 1931)


Translation provided by Biroul de Traduceri Champollion