Creative Bucharest

Where there is magic, there is also light

Every time we bring new light into our lives, we discover a new dimension, an unexplored perspective. We become richer as we create, learn and feel.

Enescu Festival 2017 brings the creation of George Enescu and classical music in a new light. Starting from this idea, we have invited the people of Bucharest to become part of a new “Creative Bucharest” project and renew their city, so that together we can reach its soul, the place where magic and creation blend time and again.

The result is a “Creative Bucharest” giving access to brave, sensible, challenging works of art, in music and fine arts alike.

We invite you to take part in the events and to explore these projects!

Creative Bucharest Programme – more details will be available soon 

  • 2.09 – 24.09 “Glass Orchestra” – An interactive installation, created by the artist Iulia Năstase. Location: the park in front of the Romanian Athenaeum.  Details here. 
  • 2.09 – 24.09 “Enescu 360” Digital Exhibition, which allows visitors to travel on Maestro’s footsteps, by experiencing a full tour of George Enescu’s memorial houses in Liveni, Dorohoi and Sinaia, using virtual reality. Location: “George Enescu” National Museum. Details here. 
  • 2.09 – 24.09 “George Enescu” Tours, organized by Cultour Association, will take place every weekend (2-3 September; 9-10 September; 16-17 September; 23-24 September). Details here. 
  • 2.09 – 24.09 “1 Constantin Esarcu Street / ART AND SOCIETY– short documentaries screenings; new images and photos of Enescu unknown so far to the Romanian public. Location: 1 Constantin Esarcu Street. Rotenberg Uzunov Gallery. Details here. 
  • 2.09 – 24.09 “Open Artists’ Workshops”, which can be visited at week-end (02-03 September / 09-10 September / 16-17 September / 23-24 September), between noon and 8.00 p.m. A project by the „Făuritorii” Association. Details here. 
  • 5.09 – 30.09 Galateca Gallery hosts the Playing B-OSA exhibition in Octavian Neculai’s stage design, involving over 10 artists and architects. Details here. 
  • 8.09 – 24.09 “Imaginary – Through the Lens of Mathematics” Exhibition reveals to visitors the fascinating connection between music and mathematics, with 2D, 3D and interactive exhibits. Free admission. Location: the Foyer of the Radio Hall, 60-64 Gen. H. M. Berthelot Street, Bucharest. Visiting hours: 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. Details here. 
  • 12.09 “N-ESCU – NEW OPERA Project” – nine composers of the young generation present nine moments from the myth of Oedipe, interpreted and put in a new context, in a contemporary manner. Free admission. Location: “George Enescu” National Museum; starting 6.00 p.m. Details here. 
  • 15.09 “In the Footsteps of the Maestros” – Violin and piano recital, with Sabin Penea and Matei Mihăescu, and a CD release. Event organized by the George Enescu Museum. Free admission. Location: the Lecture Hall of the Cantacuzino Palace (“George Enescu” National Museum). Details here. 
  • 16.09 “A Day with Three Different Hours” – An exhibition of new music experiences at the “George Enescu” National Museum, where each hour of the event will give participants access to different experiences and emotions. Details here. 
  • 20.09 – 24.09 “Strada de C’Arte”, organized by Carol I” Central University Library in partnership with “Carol I” University Foundation. Details here. 
  • 20.09 – Into my gongself – performanceCantacuzino Palace, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Details here. 
  • 24.09 Enescu’s violins at the palace. Extraordinary recital – Gabriel Croitoru and Simina Croitoru play two violins that belonged to George Enescu. Free admission. Location: “George Enescu” National Museum; starting 6.00 p.m. Details here.

Event outside Bucharest

  • 4.09 – 8.09 Oedipe simply explained – conference-concert and exhibition. A travelling project, designed by the baritone Ștefan Ignat and organized with the support of the George Enescu Museum. Details here. 

You are welcome in a series of cafés and restaurants which have joined our project. Some have prepared dedicated menus “on musical notes”, inspired by the Enescu Festival, others are our partners and they support the Festival’s organisation: “La Mama” restaurants; “Buongiorno” and “Hanul Berarilor” restaurants; “Paul” cafés; “Lente Arcului”; “Verona”; “Acuarela”; “Zexe”; “Modelier”. Besides, as with the last two editions, “Luca” pretzel shops will make G-clef-shaped pretzels during the Festival.

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