Interview with soprano Kristine Opolais: “I wanted to be an actress, not an opera singer”

After her intense performance, at times imbedded with sparks of the actress-diva that she is on stage, she greeted me backstage looking even more beautiful up close. O...
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Festival History

The official opening day of the festival took place on September 4th 1958, merely three years after George Enescu’s passing, thus marking the official debut of the most important international musical manifestation hosted by Romania.

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In premiere, thirty-one of the most influential contemporary composers of the moment will participate, in Bucharest, for six days, in debates on topical music issues within a unique event, organized by the Enescu Festival 2017

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The first Romanian Composer whose Music Belongs to the Universal Cultural Heritage. A genius. A free man. A genuine modern spirit, not only for fashion’s sake. A man of his word. A character.


Event organized under the High Patronage of the President of Romania

Presedintele Romaniei